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Get ready because Get Unity Code Presents a unique Tangled Snakes puzzle Game. Do you inspire by the classic snake game we used to play in our childhood? Tangled Snakes puzzle game combines the addictive gameplay of the original snake games. Your duty is to help the snake from its mess and put your strategic thinking to the test.

To play the game, simply tap and drag the snakes to move them around. You need to move the snakes in such a way that they untangle themselves without getting tangled up again. The game starts out easy, but the difficulty increases as you progress through the levels.

 You will see many snake tangled they only get free with the correct order to clear the levels. But be careful! Each move you make affects the entire grid, causing the maze to shift and twist. Your snake’s path can quickly become tangled, adding an extra layer of challenge to this already exciting game. Use your brain and Strategize your tangled snakes puzzle game moves carefully as you navigate through intricate puzzle moves.

 Solve puzzles by untangling your snake’s path to complete the levels. Swipe the tangled snake through the maze that guides the path. The simple controls make it easy for players of all ages to jump right in. Ready to test your puzzle-solving skills and become a master of tangled snakes?

★★★  Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices 

★★★  Professional and clean code, clean projects 

★★★  Admob Ads Integrated

★★★  Simple and attractive 

★★★  Easy reskin for all platforms. 

★★★  New Developer-friendly 

★★★  Responsive Ui 

★★★  Compatible with mobile and desktop 

★★★  Support build 64Bit, API 33 

★★★  Support build Android App Bundle (AAB)


Unity Version:  2021 or above


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Get all of the snakes out of their tangle in the latest of snakes games.


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Akif Jan
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Amazing product, 100% working and very supportable team.
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really helpfull developer , thank
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eren karaymir
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good support
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Great and unique games. Developers providing extrem support. Thank you Get Unity Code.