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🏥 Welcome to Dream Hospital, the exciting medical management and simulation game where you become the ultimate hospital manager and healthcare strategy guru! Step into the world of healthcare tycoons, overseeing every aspect of hospital management from recruiting staff members to expanding your doctor’s clinic. Enhance your hospital adventure with new medical equipment, improve your hospitals, and ensure top-notch patient care as you craft your very own healthcare empire! 💼🏩🌟

Healthcare management strategy at your fingertips:
Dream Hospital offers an unparalleled healthcare management experience, blending the thrill of a fun hospital with the strategic depth of a medical facility tycoon game. Immerse yourself in this engaging hospital and doctor simulation, where you discover your own medical center and elevate your surgery equipment to become the best medical healthcare facility in the world! As a doctor administrator, embrace the responsibilities of planning, maintenance, and efficient operation of your virtual doctor experience. 📈

Build and customize your hospital town:
As the architect of your own hospital tycoon dream, build, decorate, and manage your way to the top! Design and construct advanced clinic centers, complete with x-ray equipment, emergency games, and superb pregnancy centers. Create your dream medical center and watch your reputation as a clinic operations simulator soar! 💉✨

Recruit staff members for your clinic:
Manage and hire a team of professional doctors and nurses in this engaging dr game, overseeing the finances of various healthcare departments. Meet and recruit the best doctors, care for happy patients, research unique illnesses, invest in complex medical equipment, produce cures, and manage business issues and health compliance to ensure the highest quality of your hospital. Recruit cheerful physicians, caring nurses, emergency operators, and specialized healthcare experts to guarantee unparalleled patient care strategy. Open the doors of Dream Hospital and begin saving lives today, Dr! 🦸‍♀️🚑



★★★  Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices 

★★★  Professional and clean code, clean projects 

★★★  Admob Ads Integrated

★★★  Simple and attractive 

★★★  Easy reskin for all platforms. 

★★★  New Developer-friendly 

★★★  Responsive Ui 

★★★  Compatible with mobile and desktop 

★★★  Support build 64Bit, API 33 

★★★  Support build Android App Bundle (AAB)


Unity Version:  2021 or above


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the best emergency doctor simulator for all future doctors, nurses, and surgeons! Start your medical career today and work at your dream job!


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Akif Jan
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Amazing product, 100% working and very supportable team.
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really helpfull developer , thank
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eren karaymir
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Good Support! Thank You!
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good support
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Great and unique games. Developers providing extrem support. Thank you Get Unity Code.